There are many options for students today and thought needs to be put into making a post high school decision. It is important for students to compare schools and find a school that will be a good match for them. Some of the qualities a student might consider are location, size, environment, admissions, academics, and campus life. The first several websites below offer the ability to perform college searches based on a number of characteristics, including those mentioned above. Links to the admission web pages of those schools Anthony Wayne students tend to attend are also included.

The College Board
Information on the SAT, as well as the entire college process from planning to paying for college. Use the College Board's college search engine to find colleges and universities with specific characteristics and to research college admissions requirements.

FastWeb helps students make the decisions that shape their lives: choosing a college, paying for college and finding jobs during and after college. FastWeb lets students create a personalized profile that can be matched against FastWeb's expansive databases of colleges and scholarships. For students searching for a college, FastWeb can match their background with two- and four-year colleges across the country.

Financial Aid
College financial aid is money given by colleges and federal and state government entities to help students pay college expenses. The two basic types of financial aid are (1) merit-based and (2) need based. Merit based aid is awarded to students with a special talent (i.e. academic, musical, athletic, etc.) Need-based financial aid is awarded solely on the financial needs of the family as determined by the government and college. It is the most prevalent type of financial aid. Following are a list of helpful websites, in finding, researching, and applying for financial aid.

Federal Student Aid Information
Student Aid on the Web is the U.S. Department of Education's gateway to student-centered, financial-aid-related information and the steps involved in planning for education beyond high school. This offers students and their families a single source of free information on choosing a career, selecting a school, and identifying resources to pay for higher education.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
To apply for federal student financial aid, and to apply for many state student aid programs, students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The information you provide on your FAFSA determines if you are eligible for financial aid.

State of Ohio Student Aid Information
The Ohio Board of Regents administers a variety of need based and merit based programs that are described on this.

National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
NASFAA is an association of 3,000 colleges, universities, career schools, and others with an interest in the effective administration of student financial aid. The Association does not provide financial aid to students; please contact the financial aid administrator at the college of your choice for specific details on available financial aid opportunities. However, with this, NASFAA provides information on the financial aid process and directs you to some of the more important and helpful financial aid guidance on the Web.

Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
The Ohio Organization of NASFAA provides information and links for students and parents to help them navigate the financial aid process and make higher education affordable.

A website maintained by the Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (OASFAA). OASFAA’s mission is “to ensure access to higher education through the promotion of financial aid awareness.” As the FAFSA is the primary application that institutions of higher education use to determine students’ eligibility for federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs, this website aims to help students and families get access to the resources they need to be able to complete the FAFSA.

FinAid! The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid
This award-winning site has grown into the most comprehensive annotated collection of information about student financial aid on the web.

The following links can provide students with assessments of their skills and interests to help them further define their career goals. In addition, these links also provide information on various careers, including job descriptions, information on education and training, occupation outlook, and salary.

Ohio Means Jobs: This website can help guide your career search.

Penta Career Center: Anthony Wayne students have the option to attend Penta Career Center during their junior and senior years of high school and completing one of 27 different career programs. Penta Career Center offers a focused, career-oriented education for students who wish to achieve success in a chosen career, in college, in the military or wherever their paths may lead.