Deadline: Varies - Scholarships administered by the Toledo Community Foundation

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Toledo Community Foundation manages over 190 scholarship funds. The opportunities presented on our website represent only the scholarships for which Toledo Community Foundation is the contact for making application. Please check with the senior guidance counselor or college counselor at your school for all scholarship opportunities available to students at your school.

The Foundation moved to an online application process in 2014. Applications must be made online with few exceptions (BCSN Student of the Month being one exception and that application can be downloaded from our website or obtain a copy from your Guidance Counselor). We have made the application process simple, and requests for transcripts and letters of reference require only a contact name and email address. The system sends out the requests for you!

Did you know we have scholarships with varying qualifications, such as:
for graduating high school students of Latino heritage
for graduating high school students of African-American heritage
for graduates of high schools in northwest Ohio/southeast Michigan demonstrating financial need
to obtain education or training in the ceramic arts
for students pursuing a course of study in engineering or scientific studies
for students studying jazz
for Northwest Ohio high school students with financial need attending Ohio colleges or universities
Among Others
Visit to learn more and apply online.