Deadline: 2020/05/01 - Progressive Fishing Association

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Deadline: May 1, 2018


  • have an overall GPA of 2.0 to 3.4
  • Student seeking education that offers training in programs designed to provide direct hand-on work in the out-of-doors: (example fields of study include Agronomy, Soil science, Botany, Zoology, Department of Natural Resources, Water Craft and the like. Within these areas of study there could be sub categories that could fall into their program criteria)  Past experience has show that the eligibility for this scholarship has been widely misinterpreted.  They are not interested in the study of  landscaping, architecture, general environmental engineering or other related areas. 
  • Essay required
  • May have an interview with the committee

Information and Application available HERE