UPDATED Deadline: 2020/04/15 - Anthony Wayne Alumni Scholarship

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

UPDATE - email applications to awalumni@hotmail.com

Any application that was emailed to the counselors or was turned in prior to the building closing will be forwarded to this email for you.

Deadline: March 24, 2020  April 15, 2020

Anthony Wayne Alumni Association Scholarships

(4) Traditional Scholarships-GPA required: 82% or 2.75

(1) Les Disher Ag.-Sci. Scholarship-GPA required: 82% or 2.75

(1) Future Educator Scholarship-GPA required: 82% or 2.75

(1) Public Safety Scholarship-GPA required: 75% or 2.5

(1) Skilled Trades Scholarship-GPA required: 75% or 2.5

(1) Randee DeBolt Masciola Nursing/Public Health Scholarship-GPA required: 88% or 3.5

     (Female athlete, one or more varsity sports, attending an Ohio school)

(1) ROTC Scholarship-GPA required: 82% or 2.75


To be considered for an Anthony Wayne Alumni Association scholarship, all students must meet the following criteria:
➢ Be enrolled as a senior and a current student at Anthony Wayne High School in Whitehouse, Ohio or an Anthony Wayne student attending Penta Career Center.
➢ Be a U.S. citizen
➢ Must be planning to enroll in a two or four year college/university  or trade school in the fall of 2020 as a full time, degree/certification seeking, first year student.  Field can include: Agriculture, teaching, nursing, technology, public safety, the skilled trades, military, etc.  This is not an inclusive list of career choices.  Other career options will be considered as well.
➢ Demonstrated volunteer commitment of time in the community.
➢ Have met a minimum cumulative grade of 82% or B- (2.75 GPA equivalent).
➢ Be available for an interview. 
➢ Completed and submitted the application by the deadline date of March 24, 2020 at 2:35pm in the counselor's office at AWHS .
Application is available HERE