Anthony Wayne Schools offers PayForIt,  a web-based cafeteria management software that allows parents the ability to manage their students’ cafeteria account as well as school fees effectively and efficiently.

Click here PayForIt system

*If you purchased your athletic pass thru Payforit then you will need to contact the athletic office at 419-877-0927 to complete the registration process.  if you need to leave a message someone will get back with you shortly.

The Parent Home Page Information

  • The welcome page is the home page and has been designed to provide parents with an overview of their account anytime they sign on or navigate back to the home page while using PayForIt.
  • An unlimited number of students can be defined to a single parent account.  To associate a student to an account, the parent must input certain data to find the students.  This includes school, full name, student ID, and grade.  All information must be entered exactly as the school has it defined in their Student Information System.
  • PayForIt offers parents one place to see what’s on their student’s account.  Parents can see detailed line items of what is owed, a description of the charges, and even what their student had for lunch.
  • PayForIt offers online capability for parents to review what they are paying for and when they paid.  This may be handy when they are verifying credit card receipts, reviewing how much they are spending on each child, researching what their children are buying, etc.
  • A student can be registered to more than one user account.  For example in the case of two sets of parents, a student can be on both mom & dad’s accounts and both mom & dad can see what their child did, but they can’t see each other on their own account.

Setting Up An Account

Four types of information are required for a parent to set up an account:

1. Contact & Access Information
2. Credit Card Information
3. Notification Options
4. Students defined to an account

Lunch Payments

Payments can be in the form of a credit card only. 

  1. Single Payments:  A parent selects student(s) and amount(s) to be added as a one-time transaction.  An online message with the transaction results (approved/denied) is displayed to the parent.  If the transaction was approved, a receipt is sent to the parent’s email address.
  2. Recurring payments:  Parents can authorize automatic payments anytime their balance dips to a certain level.  The parents can indicate what that level is, which students on their account has recurring payments, the amount of the payment, and the duration automatic payments will be processed.  Each time a recurring payment is processed PayForIt will send an email receipt to the parent to let them know an automatic payment was made.

The turnaround time of when a parent submits payment to a student’s account, and when the funds are actually available on the student’s account can span anywhere from one hour to forty-eight hours.  The credit card transaction is immediate.  The turnaround time to update to the student’s account is dependent on how the processes are set up within the district.

  1. PayForIt will automatically communicate updates back to the District Service in one-hour intervals.
  2. Actual update to the student accounts depends when each school has defined their jobs to update from the District Service. (3 hour intervals)

School Fees

Parents of students in  ALL GRADES  may pay school fees online using PayForIt. 
Click here to set up an account, or log in to an existing account.
*If you purchased your pass thru Payforit then you will need to contact the athletic office at 419-877-0927 to complete the registration process.  if you need to leave a message someone will get back with you shortly.

Getting started

  • To begin using PayForIt, a parent simply navigates from any internet-accessible computer to
  • Parents should click the “Sign Up” option from the menu.
  • The first screen will also begin the prompts to set up their account information (i.e. contact data, passwords, payment data, notification options, etc.) and define the students attached to their account.  Note:  the students are already in the system, they need to just indicate which students are associated with this user.
  • The “My Account” and “Add/View Student” options within the menu enable parents to setup and maintain the standard information for their account.
  • Once all information is entered, PayForIt sends a validation code to the parents’ email to confirm the registration and ensure the parents’ email address is operational.