Bond Issue 2016

Secure our Future-
Enhanced Student Learning Through
Improved School Environments!


The Anthony Wayne Local School District has placed a bond issue (Issue #14) on the November 8th ballot. For less than 25 cents per day (per $100K of home value), the Anthony Wayne students will receive:

  • Improved Safety and Security in All School Buildings
  • Improved Vehicular Traffic and Safety at All School Buildings
  • Replacement of Whitehouse Primary
  • Improved Quality of All School Buildings through General Maintenance
  • Added Classroom Spaces to All School Buildings

The District has added more than 1,000 students since the last time it built a new school building (1996- Waterville Primary). Due to this growth and the importance of maintaining its school facilities, we must update the buildings within the District for our current and future Generals! 

*AW will still have the lowest school taxes per $100K of home value in Lucas County with the approval of this bond issue.



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Anthony Wayne Local Schools Bond Issue FAQ

Decisions about school facilities, once translated into brick-and-mortar, affect the daily performance of generations of students who use them. When making your decision, please consider the long-term, positive effects on student learning that can be realized with renovated and new learning spaces. This bond issue is an investment in the current and future Generals and the Anthony Wayne community!

Below are frequently asked questions about the Anthony Wayne Bond Issue (Issue #14) on November 8th!

What is bond issue #14?

In Ohio, a bond issue allows a school district to place on the ballot a request to taxpayers to approve money for renovations, new construction, and/or capital improvements. The Anthony Wayne Local Schools placed a bond issue on the November 2016 ballot. If approved by voters, this bond issue will raise $44.2 million to complete renovations, capital improvements, and new construction in the school district.

How did the District decide to focus on these facilities projects at this time? How were the options for each school developed?

Over the last two years the school district has worked with the companies SSOE and Stantec to develop a Facilities Master Plan. During this process many factors were considered to determine the current state of the District facilities and the needs for the future. During this determination, community input was gathered this past spring on the priorities facing the District. From this overall process, it was determined that improving school safety and security, replacing Whitehouse Primary, improving vehicular traffic on District property, the addition of classroom/students spaces, and completion of general maintenance (heating, electrical, roofing, etc.) were the main priorities of the first phase of the facilities master plan.

What does the bond issue provide to students, parents, and the community?

Improved Safety & Security-
Each of our school buildings were built prior to the safety concerns that are present today. With this bond issue, the school district will improve the safety and security within each of the school buildings. There will be several safety and security improvements within each building including either a new or renovated office spaces that will require all visitors to enter into this area prior to entering the school hallways or classrooms. Also, classroom safety, student/staff building entry systems, and additional building safety measures will be addressed in each of the school buildings.

Replacement of Whitehouse Primary-
Whitehouse Primary is currently 84 years old. While the building has been well maintained over this time, there are several deficiencies in comparison to Waterville and Monclova Primary- classroom, cafeteria, gym, and media center spaces are just a few.  SSOE and Stantec reviewed the potential renovation costs to bring the building up to the quality of Waterville and Monclova and it became cost prohibitive versus building a new school building. The construction of a new Whitehouse Primary will resolve these issues.

Improved Vehicular Traffic and Flow-
Students, Parents, Community Members, and staff will benefit from new parking areas and redesigns of traffic flow patterns that will be completed at each of the six school buildings. The newly designed and constructed parking areas will improve the safety of our students and parents during drop-off, visiting the school during the day, and pick-up. In addition, the newly designed parking areas will add parking spaces to all six school buildings.

Additional Classroom/Student Spaces-
With the renovations and additions to school buildings, additional classrooms spaces and/or student spaces will be completed in five school buildings.

High School- The high school will see additional classrooms from renovations to the current study hall room and to the current office space. In an effort to address the lack of adequate cafeteria space for students it will be renovated and expanded to meet future enrollment demands. The auxiliary gym/stage area will be renovated into two educational spaces that will become multi-use spaces for both educational and athletic use. With the auxiliary gym space renovation to multi-use spaces, a new auxiliary gym space will be built next to the current main gym space. With this new addition, new locker rooms will be built that will allow the District to address current ADA and Title IX issues with our current spaces.
Junior High, Fallen Timbers Middle School, and Monclova- These three buildings will see additional classrooms from renovations to the current office space.
Waterville Primary- New construction will provide new classroom spaces to this building.
New Whitehouse Primary – The new Whitehouse Primary building will be built to accommodate 500 students. With this new buildings, all classroom spaces will be built in alignment with current Ohio School Facilities Standards for size and spaces.

General Maintenance- Improve the quality of each building-
Just like in your home, after a certain age, there are items that need to be repaired or replaced. The average age of the school buildings is 52 years (with the range of Whitehouse Primary built in 1932 and Waterville Primary built in 1996). While the District has done a great job of maintaining these buildings, there are a number of general maintenance items that need to brought up to the current level of expectations as described by the Ohio School Facilities Commission.  There is a growing body of research that shows these general maintenance items are important to student learning. With that in mind, approximately $10 million dollars of this bond issue will be used for these general maintenance items within five school buildings. This money will be used for the replacement of roofs, electrical systems, heating systems, and many other general improvements within these school buildings.  These items were recommended by experts from SSOE and Stantec.

What is the total cost of the renovations and new construction?

The $44.2 million bond issue will consist of approximately $5 million in capital improvements, $10.2 million in renovations, and $29 million in new construction.

How much will this bond issue cost an Anthony Wayne family?

The 2.38 Mill Bond Issue will cost approximately $83 annually, $6.93 monthly, $1.60 weekly, or $0.23 per day for every $100K of home value.

Example- Median AW Home Value-$206,200
Annual cost  - $171.59
Monthly cost - $14.30
Weekly cost - $3.30
Daily cost - $0.47

Why isn’t a new school being built at the Bucher Road property?

If the District would consider a new school building it would be approximately a $40-50 million for a new Junior High or $60-70 million for a new high school.  Through the facilities master planning process it was determined that we have several items that needed to be addressed in our current buildings prior to building an additional building on the Bucher Road site.  The District will evaluate the facilities master plan again upon the final stages of this bond issue to determine the need for future school facilities.

Will the District, once the levy is approved, be able to spend this money on employee salary and benefits?

No. The approved bond issue money can’t be used for salaries, benefits, or other operational expenses.

Will the State of Ohio help pay for new schools?

The State of Ohio may offer funds from the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) somewhere down the road. Unfortunately, for Anthony Wayne, with our high property values the OSFC ranks our District at almost the bottom of their list for consideration for funding for this purpose. In addition, with this low ranking, we would only receive minimal funding but would be required to follow all of the State’s regulations. This could add thousands of dollars in additional costs and result in the loss of control over the design and construction process for our District.

When the bond issue passes and new Whitehouse Primary is constructed, what will happen to the old building?

The current Whitehouse Primary would still be used during the construction of the new school building. The District is in conversations with outside parties who have potential interest in the school building and the property. The Board of Education and administration will continue to explore options for the building and the property including the potential of the building being removed from the location.

I’ve heard that athletic facilities will be updated as well? Will this bond issue address athletic facilities?

There will be a small amount of the bond issue that will address athletic facilities. The new construction of an auxiliary gym will allow for both academic and athletic use at the high school. With this addition, the Burdo building will be relocated to the Bucher Road site. Since the high school baseball team and visiting football teams use this building for locker room space we will need to build a new building on the campus to address this issue.

There will be a separate committee that will continue to explore potential changes to athletic facilities. This committee will consider these potential changes and the funding sources for these changes

Facts about the current buildings:

AWHS was originally built in 1952 (64 years old).
AWJH was originally built in 1960 (56 years old).
FT was originally built in 1972 (44 years old).
Waterville was originally built in 1996 (20 years old).
​​​​​​​Monclova was originally built in 1972 (44 years old).
​​​​​​​Whitehouse was originally built in 1932 (84 years old).

Average age is 52 years old.

What happens if the bond issue fails?

If the bond issue fails, the need for the renovations, capital improvements, and new construction will still remain. The board of education would have to consider placing the bond issue on the ballot again in the future and consider moving funds from other areas to address immediate concerns.

Where are other area schools at with school facilities issues:

• Sylvania: Updated facilities in 2008 ($79 Million)
• Perrysburg: New grade 5-6 building ($38.9 Million), renovations, & updating athletic facilities
• Springfield: Completed renovations and updated athletic facilities ($33.7 million in 2007)
• Napoleon: Renovations & new building projects ($32 Million), & new athletic facilities
• Bowling Green: Recently updated some of their facilities ($43 Million)
• Ottawa Hills: Recently attempted to pass a bond issue to update their facilities
• Maumee: In 2006 renovated buildings and completed updates ($46 Million)
• Rossford: 11.4 Mill Levy on November 2016 Ballot ($71.25 Million)
• Oregon: Recently updated their facilities
• Toledo: Public facilities updates were almost $800 million dollars since 2002

* State of Ohio, through the Ohio School Facilities Commission, has spent $11 Billion dollars to update school facilities since 1998 (Source- FY 2015 OSCC annual report). In addition, there are several other school district that have not participated in this program that have updated facilities.

Conceptual Proposals

High School

Drawing highlighting potential additions should the bond issue pass.


Junior High

Drawing highlighting potential additions should the bond issue pass.


Fallen Timbers

Drawing highlighting potential additions should the bond issue pass.


Monclova Primary

Drawing highlighting potential additions should the bond issue pass.


Waterville Primary

Drawing highlighting potential additions should the bond issue pass.


Whitehouse Primary

Drawing highlighting potential additions should the bond issue pass.


Since we built Waterville Primary in 1996 the District has added over 1000 students!


Important Dates and Information:
Final Day to Register to Vote:
October 11th, 2016

Mail-in Absentee Application must be received by:
November 5, 2016 by Noon

In-Person Absentee Voting Begins/Ends:
October 12, 2016 thru November 7, 2016

Election Day:
Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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