Growth Mindset

What is a Mindset?

  • A set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook, and mental attitude.
  • There are two types of Mindset
    • Growth Mindset - You can grow your intelligence through effort
    • Fixed Mindset - Intelligence is a fixed trait.  You can’t change it!





Research shows a powerful relationship between mindset and achievement

  • Motivation
  • Academic Behaviors
  • Responses to challenges and setbacks
  • Academic achievement
  Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset
Goal in School?
Look Smart
Values Effort? No Yes
Reaction to Failure? Give Up Work Harder
Achievement Lower Higher


Yes, through effort and attitude


  • For several years, the District has focused on fostering a growth mindset in all students and staff
  • Goal is to achieve an even greater level of success both personally and academically
  • Monthly Growth Mindset Concepts
  • September - Introduce Growth Mindset
  • October - Enthusiasm
  • November - Gratitude
  • December - Self-Control
  • January - Curiosity
  • February - Perseverance
  • March - Optimism
  • April - Social Intelligence
  • Education
    • Defining
    • Example
  • Classroom Activities
  • Building Activities
  • Home Connection