Anthony Wayne Online Academy


Anthony Wayne Local Schools will be providing a virtual option for the 2020-21 school year for students who would like to remain in a distance learning environment for medical or personal reasons.  Once the student has elected to enroll in the Anthony Wayne Online Academy, they will be considered a full-time virtual student, and they may not change once the semester has started.  A student may elect to return to school for the second semester if they so choose.  Students may not elect to be part-time virtual and part-time brick and mortar.  Students and parents must notify the District by December 1, 2020 if they elect to return to school for the second semester. 

The Anthony Wayne Online Academy is only available to students enrolled in Anthony Wayne Local Schools.  Students who live in the Anthony Wayne School District, but are currently enrolled in and attend other schools or school districts, would need to withdraw from their current school or district and enroll in Anthony Wayne Schools to utilize the Anthony Wayne Online Academy for the 2020-21 school year.  Click HERE to visit the District's enrollment webpage for information on enrollment procedures..

The District will be utilizing a third party to provide the course content.  We will be using SchoolsPLP for course content.  The District has utilized this vendor for credit recovery courses for the past year.  PLP also partners with Lincoln Learning to provide elementary courses and high school elective courses. 
These courses are designed to be self-directed and self-paced.  It is important to remember that these courses, while aligned to Ohio State content standards, will NOT be the same as Anthony Wayne Local Schools courses taught in person by Anthony Wayne teachers.
In most situations, full-time students will be enrolled in a minimum of five courses unless it is determined that a full-time schedule is not warranted. 
Virtual courses in grades 9-12 will allow students to earn credits towards graduation. All requirements for graduation will remain the same for the class of 2021.
Students must opt in to the virtual option for an entire semester. Students and/or families may opt in by completing the form at the link below by Monday, August 3rd. A separate form should be completed for each participating student.
Students opting for the virtual option will be placed in core courses (English, math, science, and social studies) that correspond with their individual grade level as well as any other required courses at a particular grade level.
Elective courses may also be taken depending on each student’s individual circumstances and situation.
Students will be assigned a licensed teacher or licensed substitute teacher (hired by Anthony Wayne Schools) who can help troubleshoot problems with content, the online system itself, and pacing; however, there will not be daily interaction with their assigned teacher.
Students who participate in the virtual option will continue to have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and athletics.
Students involved in athletics will be encouraged to work with their respective building guidance counselor and/or athletic director to ensure that students meet local and OHSAA eligibility requirements as well as NCAA Clearinghouse requirements.
The District can provide a device to students who choose the virtual option.
Guidance will be provided as to how families may borrow a device from the District.
Families will be responsible for the care of the borrowed device and will be asked to sign an agreement indicating they are responsible for the borrowed device.

For additional information, please contact Jim Conner, Director of Teaching and Learning at 419-877-5377 or