Opting-In to Text Messaging for School Messenger:

Anthony Wayne Schools utilizes SchoolMessenger software to send news, updates and emergency communications to families and employees via email, phone calls and/or text messages.  In planning our return to school this fall, we want to make sure all lines of communication with families are as open as possible.

There are two requirements to receive messages via SMS text:

  1. The recipient’s wireless number must first be in our data system for at least 24 hours, and
  2. “Opt-In Confirmation” from the recipient’s wireless device.

You may opt-in by sending “Y” or “Yes” via text message to our SchoolMessenger Short Code number: 67587 from any device currently in our system.  If you want to receive texts on multiple devices, each device number must complete the Opt-In process.

If you would like to add or change a phone number or email in our system, please contact your building secretary.

SchoolMessenger does not charge recipients for the text messages that they receive or send; however, wireless providers may charge for individual text messages, depending on the plan associated with the wireless device.  Please consult your carrier if you are uncertain.



Privacy Information

With the implementation of School Messenger, Anthony Wayne is committed to respecting the privacy of, and ensuring the security of, student and family data. Below you will find a number of resources regarding School Messenger that explain how these objectives are being addressed by West Corporation, School Messenger's parent company.

  SchoolMessenger Privacy Statement

  SchoolMessenger Privacy Pledge