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Anthony Wayne Local Schools buildings are now operating on summer office schedules. 

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

Anthony Wayne Local Schools is planning for the future

About Strategic Planning
School districts and other organizations use the strategic planning process to reflect upon their progress, gather feedback, review their core values, mission and vision, and plan for the future. Anthony Wayne Local Schools has partnered with Planning Finding Leaders, an educational consultant to support the District’s strategic planning. 

Board of education members, administrators, staff members, students, families, community members, business owners, clergy, and more have been a part of this collaborative effort. Thank you for your contributions!

Planning Timeline
As of May 2022, we are approximately halfway through the strategic planning process. We are hopeful to present the Strategic Plan to the AWLS Board of Education in August 2022 for review and approval. 

A timeline of the Strategic Planning process is provided below, along with the purpose of each stage. 

  • January 2022: Lead Team Meeting
    • Purpose: Engage local leaders in the planning process and identify community group representatives who will be invited to participate
  • February 2022: Management Team Meeting
    • Purpose: Training session in preparation of facilitating small group discussions and gathering feedback
  • February - March 2022: Small Group Discussions
    • Purpose: Gather feedback about the District from representatives from across the AWLS community
  • April 2022: District Stakeholder Retreat 
    • Purpose: to begin development of mission statement, vision statement, core beliefs and action goals
  • May - June 2022: Action Team Meetings
    • Purpose: to refine the mission to begin development of mission statement, vision statement, core beliefs and action goals
  • July 2022: Draft and Finalize the Strategic Planning Document
  • August 2022: Strategic Plan presentation to the AWLS Board of Education

More information about the Anthony Wayne Local School Strategic Plan will be shared as it becomes available. Please check back for updates. If you have questions, please call 419-877-5377.

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