Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct

Dear Parents and Students:

We believe that a comprehensive program of student activities is vital to the educational development of our students.  Involvement with an athletic team, extracurricular activity, and/or driving to school is a privilege and carries with it a responsibility that must be maintained.  In order to participate in one of these programs, students must assume the responsibilities that go along with the privilege of being a member of that team, group, or driving to school. The responsibilities of participation in these activities are outlined in the Anthony Wayne athletic/extracurricular code of conduct.

The Anthony Wayne Code of Conduct Committee completed their review of the policy in June.  Within the review process, the committee surveyed coaches and parents of 7-12 grade students.  In the March parent survey, there was significant support for changes to the student violation system and the potential for a drug/alcohol testing policy.  In the follow-up survey in April, parents indicated significant support for a multi-tiered student violation system and the adoption of a random drug/alcohol policy.  With the information from the surveys and research on other codes of conduct from area schools and other similar districts in Ohio, the committee made recommendations to change the code of conduct to the Anthony Wayne Board of Education.

The Board of Education approved these changes to the athletic/extracurricular code of conduct at the July 21, 2014, board meeting.

The Anthony Wayne Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct will have a three tiered system- Tier One (Minor violations- Consequences determined by athletic director, principal, or designee), Tier Two (Loss of 20% of regular season contests, activities, and/or driving privileges), and Tier Three (Loss of 50% of regular season contests, activities, and/or driving privileges).  Please refer to the code of conduct for further explanations on these three tiers.

The Anthony Wayne Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct will have a random drug and alcohol-testing program.  The purpose of the program is to:
·      provide the student participants with a tool to combat peer pressure,

·      provide a safe and healthy environment to all students participating in these programs,

·      discourage students from using drugs and alcohol,

·      provide students with an opportunity to become leaders in the student body for a drug-free school,

·      provide assistance to the student who uses drugs and alcohol,

·      provide the school with guidelines and disciplinary policies for violations of the drug-free policy,

·      encourage students who participate to be drug and alcohol free.

Random testing shall be completed throughout the school year for those students who participate in athletic and extracurricular programs and who drive to school. Twenty percent of the population of students who participate in these programs will be tested each year.  The school district will contract with an outside vendor to complete this program.  Community donations and the high school athletic department will fund this program. Further explanation of the process to randomly test students who participate in these programs is listed in the code of conduct.

While the primary goal of this program is to provide the participating students a tool to combat peer pressure and remain drug and alcohol free, there is the potential for students to still make mistakes in this area.  Within the policy, there is a self-referral and self-reporting tool that provides the student an opportunity to admit to using drugs and/or alcohol.  If a student uses drugs and/or alcohol and admits to doing so, the consequences will be reduced as long as the student and parent agree to counseling and additional testing.  In addition, if a student does not participate in athletics, extracurricular activities, or drives to school, a parent can voluntarily opt-in their student(s) into the random drug testing or have their student(s) tested at the next available time.

The building administrators are in the process of setting up dates and times for meetings to discuss these changes with the students and parents.  This information will be made available in August.  The athletic/extracurricular code of conduct is available below for your review.  We hope this will assist you and encourage you to use it as a reference throughout the year.  If you have additional questions please call the Junior High (419-877-5342) or High School (419-877-0466).

Click HERE for a PDF copy of the Anthony Wayne Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct.