Breakfast Prices

All Buildings $1.40


Lunch Prices


High School $3.00
Junior High & FTMS $2.90
Primary Schools $2.90
Adult Lunches $3.60




Free & Reduced Lunch Information

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Anthony Wayne Food Service Department Announces Healthy Snacks/Breakfasts

Nutrition requirements for foods and beverages throughout the district continue to be in compliance. It is a yearly requirement that I certify to the Board of Education that all standards are being met. 99% of a la carte items offered are from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation list approved by USDA. There will be revised standards beginning next school year. I have completed two webinars on “Smart Snacks in Schools” and made the necessary changes to all a la carte items we serve, both on the serving line during lunch and through the vending machines. New calorie levels and sodium levels must be met in addition to fats and sugar percentages. Each food item must be at least one of protein, fruit, vegetable, dairy or 50% whole grain. Beverage standards will not affect us. Current items offered will continue without change and remain in compliance.