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Gifted Services coordinates a variety of programs and supports to assist gifted students in the district. Anthony Wayne Local Schools provides a continuum of services to students ages 5 to 18 identified as gifted based on Ohio’s. Services are delivered according to Ohio’s Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Students Who are Gifted.

Current Gifted Services Continuum

A quick outline of the various gifted services in the district.


Meet Our Department

Photo of Brian Billings

Brian Billings

       Director of Gifted Services
       419-877-5377 -


Brian Billings serves as the Director of Gifted Services in the district. Brian oversees all facets of testing for identification, service programs offered and student placement. Prior to being the director, Brian taught in the LEAP program at the 4th and 5th Grade level.


Laura Amburgey

6th Grade LEAP Teacher

Laura Buchanan

5th Grade LEAP Teacher

Joni Gutierrez

3rd/4th Grade LEAP Teacher

Krista Hertzfeld

3rd/4th Grade LEAP Teacher

AW Gifted Services Description

This document is a more in-depth discussion of the gifted services in the district.


  AW Gifted Services Description