Growth Mindset

What is a Mindset?

  • A set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook, and mental attitude.
  • There are two types of Mindset
    • Growth Mindset - You can grow your intelligence through effort
    • Fixed Mindset - Intelligence is a fixed trait.  You can’t change it!



Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset



What impact does a fixed and growth mindset have on individuals?

Research shows a powerful relationship between mindset and achievement

  • Motivation
  • Academic Behaviors
  • Responses to challenges and setbacks
  • Academic achievement

What are the Consequences of Mindset?

  Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset
Goal in School?
Look Smart
Values Effort? No Yes
Reaction to Failure? Give Up Work Harder
Achievement Lower Higher


Recursive Processes

Can a Mindset Be Changed?

Yes, through effort and attitude


Anthony Wayne Schools and Growth Mindset

  • For several years, the District has focused on fostering a growth mindset in all students and staff
  • Goal is to achieve an even greater level of success both personally and academically
  • Monthly Growth Mindset Concepts

AW’s Monthly Growth Mindset Concepts

  • September - Introduce Growth Mindset
  • October - Enthusiasm
  • November - Gratitude
  • December - Self-Control
  • January - Curiosity
  • February - Perseverance
  • March - Optimism
  • April - Social Intelligence

How Will AW Implement These

  • Education
    • Defining
    • Example
  • Classroom Activities
  • Building Activities
  • Home Connection