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Election Day Follow Up
March 20, 2024
Dear Anthony Wayne Stakeholders,
This message is to provide you with an update on the outcome of the operational levy proposed to our community on yesterday’s ballot. Unfortunately, voters did not support the levy to preserve the same level of educational services for students. The unofficial results of the election indicate a 51.7% no vote, and a 48.3% yes vote from the ~35% of voters who cast a ballot.
I extend my appreciation to the Citizens for Anthony Wayne Schools levy committee and volunteers for their work to share accurate information about the financial situation of the District and the importance of investing in the youth of this community. I also thank the AW employees, whose resilience and commitment to students make our schools an exceptional learning environment for students.
The AWLS Board of Education approved a financial plan back in January that addressed the path moving forward to eliminate expenditures to provide a positive balance in the financial forecast. The financial plan can be found on the District website. The District will provide further communications in the months of April and May about the changes in services for the 2024-25 school year. 
The District is committed to being a good steward of taxpayer dollars and will continue to closely monitor revenue and expenditures and make adjustments where necessary. We are also committed to our mission of empowering students to be future ready, and will continue to work to do what we can under the financial constraints of the District so that every child is ready for their chosen pathway upon graduation.
I invite you to please stay engaged with the District as we work together to navigate this challenging financial season. 

 Dr. Jim Fritz, Superintendent
Anthony Wayne Local Schools