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Financial Recovery Plan and Proposed Operational Levy

AWLS Financial Recovery Plan

budget graphicThe Ohio Department of Education and Workforce Development required the District to develop a financial plan to eliminate the negative cash balance in fiscal year 2025 (FY-25) and fiscal year 2026 (FY-26) as was presented in the November 2023 five year forecast. The AWLS Board of Education approved the plan at its January 29, 2024 meeting.

AWLS Plan for Balancing the Budget
Included in the Financial Recovery Plan are plans to increase revenue and cut operating expenses to balance the budget. The details of this plan are shared here to provide stakeholders with a transparent look at the District's current financial situation and the reasons for asking voters for additional operational funding in 2024.

Empowering Students to be Future Ready
The Board of Education and District Administrators developed this plan with the District mission, vision, core beliefs and goals at the forefront of the decision making, with a priority of minimizing impact on student classroom experiences. 

Remaining Responsive to Our Community

The AW Community expects:

  • that students can demonstrate the Portrait of a General competencies and be well prepared for their future plans upon graduation

  • our schools to be among the best in the state

  • the District will utilize conservative fiscal practices in providing services to students, parents and the community.

    Information gathered from the Financial Planning Survey distributed to stakeholders last fall helped the Board and Administrators develop this Financial Recovery Plan. Thank you for your feedback.

Increasing Revenue

March 2024 Operational Levy

voting photoAbout the Levy
The proposed 5-year, 2.42-mill operational levy would provide $3.3 million per year to the District. These funds will be used to pay for the day-to-day operations expenses of the District in order to maintain the current level of services to students.

Purpose of the Levy
AWLS strives to be a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars, while also providing the resources needed to ensure all students receive an outstanding education. As detailed in the approved Financial Recovery Plan, the District needs additional funding to ensure the preservation of the instructional programs, services and activities that students need to be successful - and keep our schools competitive with others across the state.

The District has been able to stretch its dollars to provide quality instruction and support services to students, but is now facing a few big financial challenges. Below is a brief summary:

Financial Need
With limited federal and state dollars coming into the District, Anthony Wayne Local Schools relies heavily on local funding sources for its day-to-day operations. There are also several factors affecting the District's local funding sources:
  • A ~$270,000 reduction in funding from Fallen Timbers Mall
  • Millions of dollars of unpaid Nexus Pipeline tax funding
  • The end of the Covid-relief ESSER Funds
  • It has been a decade since AW voters approved new operational funding for the District

Balancing the Budget
As the Financial Recovery Plan shows, the District must cut approximately $746,000 from the 2024-25 school year budget and $3,700,000 from the 2025-26 budget. 

Reducing Expenses

budget cuts photoThe District is doing its part to reduce expenditures in an effort to overcome the negative fund balance projected for fiscal year 2025 and fiscal year 2026 in the five-year forecast.

The details of these budget reductions are included in the Financial Recovery Plan approved by the AWLS Board of Education. A brief summary is below.

2023-24 School Year: Immediate Reductions
  • Material and supply accounts have been reduced by $125,000
  • Purchased Service accounts have been reduced by $150,000
  • The open school psychologist position will not be filled

2024-25 School Year: Expenditure Reductions
Regardless of Levy Outcome
  • The reductions described above, plus:
  • Staff reductions through retirement / resignation
  • Administrative personnel reductions

2024-2025 School Year: Expenditure Reductions
If the Levy Fails
  • The reductions described above, plus:
  • Further reduce material and supply accounts by $125,000
  • Reduce purchased services allocations by $150,000
  • Implement pay-to-participate for HS/JH extracurricular activities
  • Reduce supplemental contracts for extracurricular activities
  • Personnel reductions in custodial and media center services
  • Eliminate bus service within one mile radius of a school
  • Eliminate extra-curricular bus transportation

2025-2026 School Year: Expenditure Reductions
If the Levy Fails
  • The reductions described above, plus:
  • Further reduce the material and supply accounts by $125,000
  • Further reduce purchased service allocations by $150,000
  • Further administrative personnel reductions
  • Further decrease supplemental positions for extracurricular activities
  • Further reduce bus service to within a two-mile radius of a school
  • Reduce security services at Fallen Timbers Middle School
  • Eliminate District-sponsored field trips.

2026-2027, 2027-2028 and 2029 School Years: Expenditure Reductions
If the Levy Fails
  • As required by law, the five year forecast will be updated in May 2024. In that update, the projected salary increases will be decreased to 1% for FY26, FY27 and FY28.

Further Expenditure Reductions to be Considered
If the Levy Fails
If further budget reductions are necessary, the AW Board of Education and District Administration will consider decreasing or eliminating the Gifted and Intervention Services offered to students.


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