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Operational Levy - November 2024

November 2024 Operational Levy

In a continued effort to improve the District's financial situation, the Anthony Wayne Board of Education voted to place an Operational Levy on the November 2024 ballot.

The information below is provided to help District stakeholders understand the need for the new revenue and how the passage or failure of the levy will impact our school community.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please send them to [email protected]

About the Levy

If passed, the proposed 5-year, 2.42-mill operational levy will generate $3.3 million per year to support the day-to-day expenses of the District.

Election Date
Tuesday, November 5, 2024

Purpose of the Levy
We need additional funding to ensure the preservation of the current instructional programs, services and activities that students need to be successful - and keep our schools competitive with others across the state.

Through careful budgeting, we have been able to stretch our dollars, but increasing costs and no new operational funding approved since 2013 it is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain our current level of services.

Facing Significant Cuts
With the failure of the operational levies proposed in the November 2023 and March 2024, the November 2024 levy is the last attempt to increase revenue for the District before implementing the reductions as detailed in the Financial Recovery Plan.

We are are actively monitoring our financial situation and remaining responsive to fluctuations in revenue and expenses. However, the District must increase its income or face significant budget shortfalls in FY26, resulting in a reduction of services to our school community for the 2025-2026 school year and beyond.

November 2024 Operational Levy Information

Why does Anthony Wayne need more funding for operations?

  • Increasing costs for equipment and materials, as well as utilities and other purchased services.

  • Increases in special education student numbers and costs.

  • There are no expected federal funding increases and minimal expected funding increases from the state.

  • Unpaid Nexus Pipeline and residential property taxes.

  • The end of ESSER (Federal Funds) at the end of the 2023-24 school year. 

  • There have been no new operational fund approved by voters since 2013.

How much money will the operational levy generate for the District?
The new operational levy is currently approved at 2.42 mills,* generating approximately $3.3 million each year for five years.

*The millage is expected to be reduced following the auditor's property reappraisals in 2024.

How long will the operational levy last?

The proposed levy is for five years.

When did taxpayers last approve an operational levy?

Voters last approved a new operational levy in 2013.

How much will the operational levy cost me on my property taxes?
property tax chart*Based on current values. The millage is expected to be reduced following the auditor's property reappraisals in 2024.

Property tax relief for senior citizens

Qualifying, low-income senior citizens, permanently and totally disabled Ohioans, and others who receive the homestead exemption tax credit can exempt up to $25,000 of the market value of their homes from all property taxes. 

Visit the Ohio Department of Taxation’s website to learn more about the homestead exemption.

Levy Terminology

Operational Levies
The funds raised by an operational levy are used to provide learning opportunities to students and support the day-to-day functions of a district, including the purchase of textbooks, computers, equipment, supplies, utilities, insurance, buses, gasoline, etc.

The unit of value for expressing the rate of property taxes in Ohio. In cash terms, a mill is defined as one-tenth of a percent or one-tenth of a cent. Millage is the factor applied to the assessed value of a property to produce tax revenue. For every $1,000 in property value, the property owner would pay $1.00.


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