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School Safety

Keeping Our Schools Safe

School safety is a topic of concern in our country, and one that Anthony Wayne Local Schools takes very seriously. You entrust us to maintain a safe learning and working environment, and we want to assure you that providing secure, safe and positive schools is always one of our top priorities. 
The District continually strives to seek new ways to provide physically secure and emotionally safe environments for all students, staff and visitors/volunteers by focusing on school climate, safety, security and maintaining comprehensive Emergency Response Plans. 

We work closely with local and State officials on what we all can do to keep our schools safe. Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your children and for being a partner in school safety.

A Collaborative Effort
We work closely with area law enforcement in taking proactive measures to prevent and prepare for emergency situations. We also seek opportunities for officers to engage directly with staff and students for community building activities.

Emergency Response Plans
The District worked in collaboration with local law enforcement to develop its Emergency Response Plan. In accordance with Ohio law, the plans have been submitted and approved by the state. These plans are reviewed annually with local first responders and safety drills are held to prepare for a variety of potential emergencies.

Increased Security Measures
Secure entry vestibules, shatter resistant glass materials, increased video surveillance in and outside school buildings and buses, exterior lighting and internal emergency response systems have been installed over the last several years. 
The District added a second school resource officer on Campus effective with the 2022-23 school year. Police surveillance by the Waterville Police, Whitehouse Police and the Lucas County Sheriff continue at each of the primary buildings.

 Student Wellness
Just like many schools across the nation, Anthony Wayne Local Schools has noted an increase in student mental health concerns. All Ohio public schools are required to have and implement a Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) that provides behavioral expectations to all students while creating a positive and safe environment within the buildings. Building administrators and staff work with students to encourage positive behaviors through a number of different activities and recognitions. 
The District also increased its support services effective with the 2022-23 school year. Two full-time counselors now serve at both Fallen Timbers Middle School and Anthony Wayne Junior High, and a full-time social worker is available to support families districtwide. 

Ohio Gun Laws
While Ohio law already permits school employees to carry a gun while at school, a new law in Ohio reduces the amount of required training for school employees to carry a gun while at school. The law was originally approved out of concern for schools that have a longer police response time, such as the extreme rural districts in Southeastern Ohio. Anthony Wayne Local Schools, like most schools in Ohio, does not have a policy to allow school employees to carry a gun while at school.  

Collaborative Safety: You Can Help
Anthony Wayne administrators, staff and community first responders continually seek ways to ensure our facilities are as safe and prepared as possible. As issues or concerns arise, the District will continue to take a collective and collaborative approach to responding appropriately  to ensure the safety of all students.

You are part of this collaborative effort. If you see something, say something. Contact your local law enforcement agency, Central Administrative Office, your child's school to report a safety concern. Ohio also offers an anonymous statewide reporting system. You can call or text 1-844-SAFEROH at any time to report suspicious activity or safety concerns. If you hear or see something, report it.


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