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Wall of Honor

Anthony Wayne Wall of Honor

Anthony Wayne Local Schools proudly supports those who have served our country.
Our goal is to include as many Anthony Wayne graduates and staff on the Wall of Honor as we possibly can. If you or someone you know graduated or worked for AWLS, and has served in a branch of the United States Armed Forces, please let us know. Their name, graduation/employment year(s) and military branch will be prominently displayed on a Wall of Honor in the high school as a form of recognition and remembrance.  

Staff and graduates will be included from Monclova High School, Waterville High School, and Whitehouse High School prior to the first graduating class of Anthony Wayne High School in 1951.  

2023 Honor Wall Inductees

Air Force
Ashley Bortel, 2022
Samuel Braker, 2023
Eric Burdue, 2019
Chris Campbell, 1982 (Air National Guard)
Grant Dick, 1985
Isaac Gallaher, 2020
Jake Heilmann, 2002
Blaine Instone, 2019
Kelsey Meridieth, 2009
Nathan Miles, 1996
Joseph Roush, 2023
Wayne Sieja, 1966
Randy Studer, 1972 (+Navy)

Michael Cordy, 1963
Michael Elling, 1957
John Hamernik, 2020
John Kenny, 2010
Lance Martin, 1971
James Matuszak, 2005
Brock Noaker, 2022
James Rasmusson, 2022
Jimmy Rousch, 2019
James Roush, 2021
Richard Thomas, 1949
Tim Walbolt, 1966

Coast Guard
David Cole, 1983

Charles Kuhn, 1963
John Trausch, 1965
MaryJane Wise, 2022

Jeffrey Brossia, 1983
Michael Battles, 1985
Jeffrey D. Figmaka, 1962
David Flagg, 1986
Jacob Copley, 2022
Evan Kenny, 2012
JoEllen Rose, 2001
Charles Rose, 2003
Craig Sherwin, 1962

2022 Honor Wall Inductees

Air Force
Dean Anderson, 1982
Jerry Cook, 1992
Colton Eckert, 2019
Jasen Jazwiecki, 2000
Robert Karamol, 1950
Daniel Meyer, 2001
Chris Rilling, 1995
George Roush, 2019
Traci (Hires) Suchocki, 1977
Brett Warner, 1985

Wyatt Asher, 2020
Courtney (Roberts) Gilts, 2003
Jake Nekoranec, Employee
David Neumeyer, 1967
Edward Neumeyer, 1966
James Page, Jr., 1963
Jack Wells, 1998

Jeff Bretzloff, 1988
George Karmol, 1966
Sean Stroshine, 2000
Zach Switzer, 2005
Loi Tu, 2021

Casper Karamol, 1960

Ed Karamol, 1950

Ronald Kinkaid, 1951

Donald Matuszak, 2009

Kaleb Wymer, 2021

2021 Honor Wall Inductees

Air Force
Tiffinie Helm, 2016

George Bradley, 1940
Michael D'Amore, 1997
Gavin Rinto, 2019
Garrett Wacha, 2012

Samantha Schofield, 2020

2020 Honor Wall Inductees

Air Force
Abigail Burdue, 2016
Danny Conner, 1958
Kim Heimrich, 1972
Michael Johnson, 1970
Matthew Leaf, 2020
Bill Park, 1980
Benjamin Peterson, 2019

Cory Ahrens, 2004
Frank Austin, 1954
Joe Becker, Employee
Alexander Burns, 2020
Ryan Patrick Connelly, 2017
Lars Ellison, 2020
Roger Evans, 1985
Herbert Giradot, 1958
Robert Morgan, 1984
Michael Thornton, 2007
C. Edward Winzeler, 1969

Louis Allen, 1955
Luke Harrell, 2019
Michael Meadows, 1976
Gerald Perry, 1956
Joyce Schondel, 1955

John Burget, 1956
Johnathan Frastaci, 2003
Brady Harry, 1979
John P. Miller, 1986
James Schondel, 1957
Eric Studer, 1982
William Osborne, 1988

Kimberly Hendrix, 1979

Purple Star School Program

Each of our buildings is designated as a Purple Star School by the Purple Star Advisory Board, composed of the Ohio departments of Education, Higher Education, Veterans Services and the Adjutant General.
The Purple Star Award recognizes schools that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation's military.


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