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Treasurer & Fiscal Office

About the Treasurer's Office

A public school district treasurer plays a crucial role in managing the financial operations of a school district. As the chief financial officer, the treasurer must hold appropriate certification and reports directly to the Board of Education. The treasurer also serves as secretary to the board, maintaining official records, documents, contracts and Board meeting minutes. 

This role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities aimed at ensuring the efficient and effective use of financial resources. The treasurer is responsible for overseeing the budgeting process, tracking revenues and expenditures, and maintaining accurate financial records. They collaborate with district administrators to develop and manage the annual budget, making informed recommendations to allocate resources for educational programs, staff salaries, facilities maintenance and other operational needs. 

The treasurer must monitor and work in accordance with financial policies, laws, and regulations, collaborating closely with auditors and government agencies to ensure transparency and accountability. Their role also involves managing investments, debt issuance and cash flow to optimize the district's financial position. 

Through their meticulous financial oversight, the treasurer contributes to the overall success of the educational institution by enabling the delivery of quality education while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

The information provided in this section of the website is intended to provide our stakeholders with an overview of the District's financial status. If you have specific questions about the data provided here, please call 419-877-5377 or email [email protected].

Financial Audit Report

Anthony Wayne Local Schools will once again receive the Auditor of State Award for its commitment to accounting excellence. The District had no findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, single audit findings or questioned costs in the audit report released March 19, 2024. The Auditor of State's office audits nearly 5,900 entities and fewer than 8% are eligible for this award. 

District Financial Status

Updated September 2023

Anthony Wayne Local Schools strives to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, while also providing the resources needed to ensure students receive an outstanding education. Responsible resource management and careful planning are critical, especially as day-to-day costs continue to increase. 

Through prudent budgeting, the District has been able to stretch its dollars to provide quality instruction and support services, and make necessary purchases while limiting the tax burden on its residents. In fact, the District has the lowest effective millage rate of all public school districts in Lucas County, and last requested new operational funding from voters in 2013.

The information below was shared with the AW community in the 2022-23 Quality Profile. More financial information about the District, including the Five-Year Budget Forecast is available within the sub menus and links on this page.

Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget Report

General Fund Revenue

Real Estate Taxes$32,856,165
State Aid$7,037,157
Other Local Funding$5,277,153
Non-Operating Revenue$156,292

Total Revenue$45,326,767

General Fund Expenditures

Purchased Services$5,630,326
Supplies & Materials$1,253,674

Total Expenditures$47,014,789

General Fund Revenue Trends

2018 - 2019$41,514,556
2019 - 2020$43,451,333
2020 - 2021$45,242,886
2021 - 2022$45,294,588
2022 - 2023$45,326,767

General Fund Expenditure Trends

2018 - 2019$42,807,060
2019 - 2020$43,575,814
2020 - 2021$45,104,598
2021 - 2022$45,355,314
2022 - 2023$47,014,789

Treasurer's Office News

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