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Anthony Wayne

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Strategic Plan

Anthony Wayne Local Schools Strategic Plan

Anthony Wayne Local Schools empowers students to be future ready!

strategic planAbout Strategic Planning
School districts and other organizations use the strategic planning process to reflect upon their progress, gather feedback, review their core values, mission and vision, and plan for the future. Anthony Wayne Local Schools partnered with Planning Finding Leaders, an educational consultant to support the District’s strategic planning. 

We are pleased to share that the Anthony Wayne Local Schools Board of Education approved the District's new Strategic Plan in August 2022. You can learn more about the District's new mission, vision, beliefs and goals below, or by viewing the Strategic Plan Overview.

Board of education members, administrators, staff members, students, families, community members, business owners, clergy, and more were all an important part of this collaborative effort. Thank you for your contributions!

Our Mission

Anthony Wayne Local Schools empowers students to be future ready!

Our Vision

Driven by our core beliefs and rich traditions, Anthony Wayne Local Schools will be among the best school districts in the state and our future ready Generals will be prepared to march forward with a foundation that will allow each individual ultimate success.

Our Core Beliefs

To help our students achieve their highest potential, Anthony Wayne Local Schools believes:
  • Adaptability and Flexibility are necessary to be future ready.
  • Collaboration and Communication are essential between student, family, school and community to strengthen partnerships.
  • Critical Thinking drives engaged academic and personal growth.
  • Empathy is foundational in all we do.
  • A Learner's Mindset is fundamental for growth and future success.

Our Goals

  1. Student Learning
    All Generals will be provided a comprehensive and engaging learning experience whereby each can demonstrate the Portrait of a General competencies.
  2. Curriculum & Instruction
    All Generals will experience an innovative and engaging curriculum with instruction that is personalized, promotes creativity and application, and provides real-world experiences that facilitate deeper learning.
  3. Community Engagement
    Anthony Wayne Local Schools will engage in two-way communication and collaboration with stakeholders to promote community engagement and develop partnerships and relationships for the purpose of providing outstanding opportunities to all Generals and to strengthen school and community pride.
  4. Resources for Student Success
    Anthony Wayne Local Schools will continue to work with the community to provide the necessary resources to ensure all Generals are future ready.
  5. Students and Staff Ready to Learn
    All Anthony Wayne Local Schools students and staff will have access to personalized services to allow them as Generals to be successful academically and grow personally in all that they pursue to do each and every day.

Strategic Planning Timeline

strategic planning processPlanning Timeline
A timeline of the Strategic Planning process is provided below, along with the purpose of each stage. You may also choose to review the Strategic Planning Process: A Partnership from Portrait to Practice to learn more about how the strategic plan was developed.
  • January 2022: Lead Team Meeting
    • engage local leaders in the planning process and identify community group representatives who will be invited to participate
  • February 2022: Management Team Meeting
    • training session in preparation of facilitating small group discussions and gathering feedback
  • February - March 2022: Small Group Discussions
    • gather feedback about the District from representatives from across the AWLS community
  • April 2022: District Stakeholder Retreat 
    • begin development of mission statement, vision statement, core beliefs and action goals
  • May - June 2022: Action Team Meetings
    • refine the mission to begin development of mission statement, vision statement, core beliefs and goals
    • survey retreat participants to gather input on potential action steps to achieve goals
  • July 2022: Draft and Finalize the Strategic Planning Document
  • August 2022: Strategic Plan approved by the AWLS Board of Education
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