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Portrait of a General

Anthony Wayne Local Schools is committed to ensuring our students have learning experiences that prepare them to take on the challenges of tomorrow, find purpose in their chosen career, contribute to their community and develop strong interpersonal relationships.

When paired with engaging and rigorous academic instruction, the Portrait of a General ensures students are future ready by helping them develop the knowledge, skills and habits that lead to successful, fulfilling lives long after they graduate.

From our kindergartners to our seniors - this work has enduring impact. Each of us plays an important role in making the Portrait of a General a reality for every student.

In collaboration with our stakeholders, Anthony Wayne Local Schools provides learning experiences in an educational environment that allows students to learn, develop and grow into Generals who are prepared to march forth with a foundation that will allow each individual ultimate success -- no matter which pathway they choose.


Learner's Mindset
A GENERAL curiously pursues new experiences and ideas to develop, learn, and contribute as global citizens; while also embracing their core values and opportunities to progress through the cycle of learning, failure, growth and reflection with integrity.

Critical Thinking
A GENERAL deliberately and consistently investigates to expand and improve the quality of one's own thinking by embracing the process of analyzing, assessing and reconstructing information to propose solutions that are mindful to the impact they may have on the other parts of a system.

Collaboration & Communication
A GENERAL articulates thoughts and ideas in a professional manner; effectively using oral, written, and nonverbal skills in a variety of ways and actively listens to feedback, acknowledges inputs and responds appropriately. A GENERAL elicits diverse perspectives to make meaning, and when appropriate takes collective action.

Adaptability & Flexibility
A GENERAL demonstrates awareness and a willingness to change course and acts by reflecting on options while keeping the ultimate goal in mind.

A GENERAL demonstrates awareness, sensitivity, concern, fairness, and respect to connect with others' perspectives, feelings, opinions, experiences, and cultures.

Developing the Portrait of a General

Various members of the AWLS staff, administration, and board members worked with Battelle for Kids to actively engage the community in developing our Portrait of a General, a collective vision that articulates our community's aspirations for all our of our students.

We wanted our Portrait of a General to be locally developed but globally positioned, and thank the group of approximately 50 stakeholders from inside our school system and within our community who committed their time and effort across four meetings to develop our Portrait. The process was facilitated by Battelle for Kids; a national educational organization committed to working with school districts and communities to realize the power and promise of 21st century learning for all students.

Portrait of a General Team Members

Adrianna MoscatoAWHS Student
Andrea PontslerAWLS Teacher
Andrew TeetAWLS Alumni / FFA Alumni
Angela GardnerDirector of Special Education (7-12), AW Parent
Bob PfefferleRetired Educator & Superintendent, AW Community Member
Brad MorganAW Business Advisory Member
Brian CarrolAW Alumni, Business Owner, School Assistant Treasurer at Perrysburg Local Schools
Bryan DekayAWHS Teacher
Chris HamadyDirector of Technology
Chris HillAW Parent
Dawn BuskeyFormer AW Parent; President of ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital
Dawn RayAW Parent
Dermot FordeAW Parent, Director of Advising at BGSU
Donavan EasonAWHS Student
Doug ZimmermanAWLS Board Member
Dr. Brian BillingsDirector of Gifted
Dr. Brian BocianFallen Timbers Middle School Principal, AW Parent
Dr. Jamie HollingerWaterville Primary Principal
Dr. Kevin PfefferleAWHS Principal, AW Parent
England AllenAW Junior High Student
Jake ZajkowskiAWHS Student
Jayna ReaganAW Parent
Jeff BadenAWLS Board Member
Jeff FloryAWHS Student
Jeff ValuckAW Business Owner
Jessica MeadFallen Timbers Middle School Media Specialist
Jim ConnerAWLS Director of Teaching & Learning, AW Parent
Dr. Jim FritzAWLS Superintendent, AW Parent
Joe SarnesAW Parent, Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning at Perrysburg Local Schools
Josh DoyleAW Business Owner
Karen BixlerAWHS Counselor
Kevin HermanAWLS Assistant Superintendent
Kevin O'ConnerAWHS Teacher, AW Parent
Kim TrenkaFormer AW Parent, Nurse
Lauren SwartzAWHS Student
Matt BeakasAWJH Teacher
Meghan SchmidbauerOwens Community College Assistant Dean for Admissions and K-12 Partnerships
Mike O'SheaAW Parent, Pastor at Waterville Community Church
Rachel BirtMonclova Primary Teacher
Rachel WixeyAW Parent, AWLS Business Advisory Member, IT System Administrator at Spartan Chemical
Rick YokumAW Parent, AWLS Business Advisory Member, IT System Administrator at Spartan Chemical 
Ryan ShiverdeckerAWHS Teacher
Shelby TupciauksasAWJH Student
Steve LetzringAW Parent, Senior Project Manager
Theresa KleinfelterAW Parent
Tom DalagiannisAW Parent, Doctor at Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons
Val BradfieldWaterville Primary School Nurse






SOAR Team Members

AWHS Assistant Principal

Director of Teaching & Learning


Assistant Superintendent

Teacher, Fallen Timbers Middle School

Assistant Principal, AWJH
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