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Anthony Wayne

Local Schools


Quality Profile & District Report Card

About the Quality Profile

The Anthony Wayne Local School District community places an extremely high value on education and expects its schools to provide well-rounded, world-class experiences that prepare students for success after high school. This type of education goes far beyond what is measured by the report cards issued by the Ohio Department of Education, which focus primarily on the results of the standardized tests given to students in certain grades.

The purpose of the Quality Profile is to provide “the rest of the story,” giving the Anthony Wayne community a full and transparent report about the overall educational value of our school district in areas that matter most in our community.

2022-23 Quality Profile

About the Ohio School Report Cards

The Ohio School Report cards are designed to provide a snapshot of the progress schools are making in raising achievement and preparing students for their future. The information is one measure of district and school performance and data shows educators, school administrators and families where their schools are succeeding as well as areas where they need to improve.

Anthony Wayne Local Schools
Dr. Jim Fritz, Superintendent

9565 Bucher Road
Whitehouse, OH 43571


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