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Water Main Break Affecting Whitehouse Primary
Whitehouse Primary is operating under a boil water advisory due to a water main break in Whitehouse Village. Please send bottled water to school with your child through Friday, Dec. 8. We will send updates as they are available. More details >>

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Career Education

Empowering Students to Be Future Ready

Anthony Wayne Local Schools empowers students to be future ready by providing comprehensive career awareness, exploration and planning opportunities for all students with the goal of helping students prepare for their chosen post-high school pathway. 

Career Communication & Collaboration

We invite families and community members to learn how they can empower Anthony Wayne students to be future ready through career awareness, exploration and planning.

Career Advising at Anthony Wayne Local Schools

Career Advising Policy

As prescribed in the state's Each Child Our Future Strategic Plan, all Ohio students should be challenged, prepared, and empowered for life after the classroom. The foundational framework of career advising in Ohio is designed to support students in developing a vision and realistic plan for their futures across the K-12 spectrum. 

Career Advising Pathway

career advising pathway

The path to a successful future includes supporting academic learning with career education per the Ohio Career Connections Framework.

Students entering primary school embark upon their career awareness journey, where the focus is to learn that adults do all types of jobs in a variety of workplaces to earn money.

In the middle grades, students begin to explore what makes them unique, their interests and talents. Students also begin to organize careers into the six career houses: Helping and Teaching People, Communication and Travel, Leadership and Finance, Rules and Enforcement, Making and Shipping, and STEM. They also learn about the three post-high school pathways: Education, Employment and Enlistment

Along the way, AWLS monitors student's success through the lenses of academics, attendance, and behavior. Starting in 6th grade, students who are falling behind in two of those areas are put on a success plan to assist in getting back on track. 

In high school, careers are separated into sixteen career clusters, and students begin to consider how their talents and interests align with their chosen post-high school pathways. Graduation from high school is one step in the journey toward a successful future. When graduates enter the 'roundabout' they are future ready, prepared with their own unique road map and compass to assist them as they pursue their goals. 

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