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Anthony Wayne

Local Schools


Board of Education

AWLS Board of Education
Anthony Wayne Local Schools Board of Education
(members, left to right) Mr. Jeff Baden, Board Vice President; Mrs. Pam Brint, Board President; Mr. Kyle Miller, Board Member, Mrs. Jayna Gwin, Board Member; Mr. Troy Lutz, Board Member

Contacting the Board
The Anthony Wayne Board of Education can be contacted through email at: [email protected]

Board Policies

Board Agendas

Meeting Note
Meetings are held in-person and are broadcasted live via YouTube.

Meeting Calendar

All meetings are held in the Central Administrative Office (9565 Bucher Road, Whitehouse, OH)
unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Meetings

MondayDecember 12, 20228:00 a.m.Regular meeting

The January 2023 regular meeting will be set at the December meeting.
The meeting calendar for 2023 will be determined at the January 2023 meeting.


Anthony Wayne Local Schools
Board of Education
9565 Bucher Rd.
Whitehouse, OH  43571
Phone: 419-877-5377
Fax: 419-877-9352

Pam Brint, Board President

Jeff Baden, Board Vice President

Jayna Gwin, Board Member

Troy Lutz, Board Member

Kyle Miller, Board Member
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