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Anthony Wayne Local Schools is committed to engaging in two-way communication and collaboration with stakeholders to promote community engagement and develop partnerships and relationships for the purpose of providing outstanding opportunities to all Generals and to strengthen school and community pride. The District strives to build and improve these partnerships through the timely and transparent sharing of District news and information and creating avenues for receiving feedback from our stakeholders.

Media Contacts
Reporters and other members of the media are asked to please make prior arrangements before visiting our schools. Please call 419-877-5377 or email [email protected] or [email protected].

Instant Connect for School Communications

phone screen of text message: yes to 87569Anthony Wayne Local School uses InstantConnect for its mass notification system for sharing information via email, phone and text. While most communications from the District will be sent via email, emergency notifications and school delays and closings will continue to be sent via phone call and text message.

Text Messages
Federal law requires users to opt-in to receive text messages. You may change you preferences at any time.

Subscribe to receive text messages from Anthony Wayne Local Schools by texting YES to 87569.

You may unsubscribe from receiving text messages by texting STOP to 87569. NOTE: If you unsubscribe, you will NOT receive any emergency or school closing/delay text messages from AWLS.

Calls and Emails

If you are not receiving calls or emails, or wish to no longer receive them from AWLS, please click here to report the issue and a member of our technology team will assist you.

For Further Support
If you are having trouble with the Instant Connect system, please call the Technology Department at 419-877-5377.

We want to hear from you!

Your feedback is important to us! If you have a suggestion for better ways for us to keep you informed about what is happening in the district, please email [email protected].

Who do I contact?

General Questions

Curious about Anthony Wayne Local Schools? General questions may be directed to the Main Office of each building or by calling the Central Administrative Office at 419-877-5377. If you are looking for a specific department or individual, visit our staff directory.



Most questions and concerns about your child's academic progress, assignments, behavior or other classroom-related activities can be addressed by your child's classroom teacher. 

  • If you do not feel your concern has been properly resolved, you are then encouraged to contact your building principal or counselor for additional support.

  • In the event that your issue is not solvable at the building level, contact the assistant superintendent for further guidance. The concern may be elevated to the superintendent if no resolution can be found.

  • If the matter is still not resolved, you may choose to address the Anthony Wayne Board of Education. For more information on how to be added to the meeting agenda, visit our Board of Education webpage.


Anthony Wayne Local Schools
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