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Like most other schools in the path of the eclipse, Anthony Wayne Local Schools will NOT be in session on Monday, April 8.

The decision to close school came under the advisement of local law enforcement and emergency management officials.

whitehouse eclipseWhitehouse Primary School students recreated the total solar eclipse
in celebration of the celestial event.


April 8, 2024 - Total Solar Eclipse

The upcoming eclipse is a once in a lifetime, event - the next total solar eclipse in Ohio will be in 2099! 

A solar eclipse happens when the moon casts its shadow on the Earth as it passes between the Earth and the sun. In this case, it will appear as if the moon is totally blocking the sun. 

Learn how solar eclipses in this video from National Geographic

Eclipse Preparation

Our area is in the path of totality for the eclipse and NW Ohio is expected to see an influx of tourists in the days leading up to and following April 8. The population of Wood County alone is expected to double.

Plan for this event like you are planning for a snowstorm
These crowds are expected to slow travel and increase traffic to parks, grocery stores, rest stops, gas stations, ATMs and restaurants. There may be issues with cell service and first responders are expecting to be busy. It's best to plan ahead for grocery shopping and other errands, have a safety plan and bring your extra patience. 

Eclipse preparedness information is provided in this video from the Broadcast Educational Media Commission

Eclipse Safety

Please be sure that you and your children are able to safely view the eclipse. Permanent eye damage is possible if you try to view the eclipse without special viewing glasses. You also risk immediate eye injury if you try to view the event through a camera lens, binoculars, or a telescope without a specialized filter. 

You MUST wear special solar eclipse glasses or use a pinhole projector to view safely. The only time it is safe to look directly at the eclipse is during the brief phase of totality when the moon completely blocks the view of the sun.

Review how to safely watch a solar eclipse in this video from NASA Goddard.
Where to Find Glasses
You can purchase solar eclipse viewing glasses online, but make sure they meet the safety requirements of the ISO International Standard.  The American Astronomical Society offers a list of suppliers who produce certified viewing glasses.

How to Make a Pinhole Viewer

Eclipse Timeline


1:56 p.m.


3:11 p.m.


1 minute, 54 seconds

Watch Online

You know spring in Ohio, it It could be clear and sunny, or overcast and rainy. If the weather does not cooperate for the eclipse, you can watch online broadcasts of the event.




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