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Summer Chromebook Plans

Anthony Wayne Parents/Guardians of the classes of 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2028, and 2029*

We are excited to let you know that your student will be able to keep their Anthony Wayne Chromebook over the summer months. This is being done to promote digital literacy as well as enable some buildings to provide valuable enrichment opportunities to students in June and July. We wanted to share with you some guidelines in order to make this experience as trouble-free as possible for our families. 

1. Please keep your Chromebook charged. Leaving it in a discharge state over the summer can reduce the life of the battery.

2. Please do not use your Chromebook in a hazardous environment. It should be kept away from liquids, direct sunlight, extreme hot and cold temperatures, etc. 

3. Please keep Chromebooks safe and secure at all times. Loss of a device is considered neglect and is not covered under the Chromebook Protection Plan.

4. Should a device be stolen, please be aware that a police report will have to be provided to the AW technology department in order to replace it. Without a police report, families will be charged the full replacement cost of the Chromebook before the District can replace the device. 

5. Here are some important contacts that you may need this summer. 

  • To have a Chromebook repaired over the summer, please email [email protected] or call 419-877-1221, extension 5. If you receive voicemail at that line, please leave your name, number, and describe the issue with the device. Someone will return your call and set up a day/time when the broken device can be dropped off at the technology office.

  • To report inappropriate use of the device and/or request that student access to the device be removed, please contact Chris Hamady, Director of Technology at 419-407-6221

  • To report unlawful use of a device, please immediately call the police department in your area, then contact Chris Hamady, Director of Technology at 419-407-6221.

All of us at Anthony Wayne hope that you and your family have a restful, enriching, and peaceful summer. Thank you. 

AW Technology Department

*The class of 2026 will be receiving new Chromebooks when they enter high school per the District technology plan.

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