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Financial Recovery Plan Updates

May 1, 2024

Dear Anthony Wayne Local Schools Stakeholder:

The Anthony Wayne Local Schools Board of Education held a work session Tuesday, April 30 to review the May update to the Five-Year Forecast and to discuss the components of the AWLS Financial Recovery Plan (originally approved in late January). 

Below you will find a summary of the AWLS Financial Recovery Plan as it was approved by the AWLS Board in January, along with some changes to this plan that were made following the work session.

January 2024: Financial Recovery Plan Developed
The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce required the District to submit a Financial Recovery Plan to demonstrate how it would overcome the negative cash balance projected for FY25 and FY26. This plan, approved in late January, outlined expenditure reductions and opportunities to increase revenue.

Minimizing the impact of expenditure reductions on the classroom experience for students was the main priority in the decision making process for the details of the financial plan.

April 2024: Five-Year Forecast Update & Financial Recovery Plan Work Session
Since the approval of the financial plan in January, there have been new retirements and resignations, resulting in potential cost savings for the District.

In order to be responsive to these financial changes and remain committed to the District’s goal to lessen the impact on students, the Board agreed to utilize attrition for these positions and make adjustments to the Financial Recovery Plan as a result.

 Updated AWLS Financial Recovery Plan
During the work session, the AWLS Board agreed to the following changes to the AWLS Financial Recovery Plan as indicated below (in blue) for the 2024-25 school year (FY25) only:
2024-25 School Year (FY25)
Approximate Savings
January 2024: Material and supply account reductions.
January 2024: Purchased services account reductions.
January 2024: In FY25, the District plans to utilize attrition as needed and when appropriate. In addition, as individual employees are replaced, there are potential expenditure savings.
Added April 2024: The District will utilize additional unanticipated personnel attrition that has occurred since January 2024* and make adjustments to preschool services to reduce expenditures.
(A HS assistant principal, intervention specialist and maintenance specialist position will not be filled.)
January 2024: A reduction of one administrative position.
(Director of Technology)
January 2024: A decrease in custodial services to school buildings and the reduction of a media center aide position. 
January 2024: Implementation of a pay-to-participate program for grades 7-12 athletic programs to help fund coaching salaries.
January 2024: Leave specific extracurricular supplemental positions unfilled.
  • Football Assistant
  • Wrestling Assistant
  • Track Assistant
  • Baseball Assistant
  • Softball Assistant
  • Soccer Assistant (B)
  • Soccer Assistant (G)
  • Volleyball Assistant
  • Weight Room Fitness Coach (HS)
  • Weight Room Fitness Coach (JH)
  • Assistant Athletic Director (HS) Extra Days
  • High School German Club
  • Tech Facilitators (6@$2079)
Removed April 2024:
  • Assistant Athletic Director (HS)
  • Only one HS play/musical
Added April 2024:
  • Basketball Assistant (B)
  • Basketball Assistant (G)
Added April 2024: The District will allow for donations to the operational fund to pay for these supplemental positions.
Daily Rate
Removed April 2024: Decrease transportation services within approximately one mile of the school of attendance and all extracurricular transportation. 
Total Approximate Savings (FY25)

AWLS Financial Recovery Plan for 2025-26
Tuesday’s work session did not change the expenditure reductions approved for the 2025-26 school year (FY26). 

Continuing Financial Conversation
Many difficult decisions have been made regarding budget reductions, and those decisions will be revisited and examined extensively as new financial information becomes available. 

No one – the AWLS Board, administration, staff, students, families or our community want to see expenditure reductions. Every time a position goes unfilled or a service is reduced, it affects our students. Unfortunately, these decisions and adjustments are necessary to overcome the lack of revenue coming into the District. 

I remain hopeful that the District can overcome this difficult financial season to continue to pursue its mission of empowering students to be future ready. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we continue to monitor the District’s financial situation and make decisions centered on providing the best possible education for our community’s children.

Dr. Jim Fritz, Superintendent
Anthony Wayne Local Schools 


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