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Substitute Bus Drivers Recognized for their Service

bus driversSubstitute bus drivers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the Transportation Department at Anthony Wayne Local Schools. These dedicated individuals serve as reliable backups, ready to step in at a moment's notice when regular drivers are absent due to illness, emergency or other unforeseen situation.

Their willingness to step in to provide a continuity of services for our students and District is commendable. We are grateful for their commitment to ensuring our students have safe, reliable transportation to and from school. Their commitment and flexibility ensure that there are no disruptions or delays in school transportation, and provide a sense of security and dependability for students, parents and the District.

Being recognized with S.U.B. Awards for being Someone Unbelievably Beneficial to our District are: Elliot Sells, Robin Hartzell and Seth Hudson

Not pictured:bus driver
Aaron Weise, Adam Kane, Deb Parker, Ken Bess, Matt Dewitz and Kim Cocoran.

Letter of Thanks
"I wanted to let you know that the bus driver for the 7th grade girls basketball game tonight to McCord Jr. High was absolutely AMAZING! He was high-fiving girls getting on the bus, in the stands cheering for the girls during the game, high-fiving the girls after the game on the bus, and playing "Champion" music as the girls boarded. He was the most genuine, fun, and energetic bus driver for those girls and his enthusiasm was contagious! His impact on the team tonight was impressionable, memorable, and noticed. Please extend the warmest THANK YOU to him from all of the girls and their families! Bus drivers like him make more of a difference than they know, and we want him to know! Such a memorable evening with the friendliest bus driver! Thank you -- he was AWesome!

- Shannon Cusumano, AW Parent

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