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AWHS Introduces New Positive Behavior Incentive with Reserved Parking Spaces

By Aaron He, AWLS Communications Student Intern

At the heart of the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program at Anthony Wayne High School lies the General Way motto: “Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Involved.” It’s this mentality that guides the school community in fostering a supportive and positive environment for both learning and teaching. The program’s array of rewards incentivizes students and promotes the school’s commitment to encouraging positive behavior in creative and impactful ways. 

The incentives provided by the PBIS program encourage students to follow the General Way Motto in the school and contribute to the positive environment in the high school. 

Students are able to obtain awards through the collection of General Way tickets. These tickets are given to students for positive behavior and going above and beyond expectations. Staff distribute General Way tickets when they see students helping out another student, volunteering in class, or when they see other positive General Way behaviors.

Since the budget on the PBIS program is limited, staff have had to get creative with finding cost effective rewards such as leaving class early, small merchandise, candy, snacks and other miscellaneous items such as parking permits, prom tickets and the new reserved parking space. 

The General Way Store provides students with the opportunity to shop for these rewards. The store is operated by students during their lunch periods. This experience allows students to gain first hand experience with customer service and sales, as they explain the different pricing and available incentives. 

An exciting new addition to the PBIS programs awards is the addition of a reserved parking space - an opportunity that is steering positive student behavior to new heights. The reward shines a spotlight on outstanding students and staff, is cost-effective for the program, and is a highly sought after opportunity to snag the best parking space in the student lot.

Teachers also play a vital role in this ecosystem of positivity, with the program rewarding the staff member (this year’s winner being Miss Erin Moloney, AWHS Intervention Specialist) who issues the most General Way tickets each quarter with their choice of a parking spot. 

This aspect of the program not only incentivizes staff participation but also strengthens the bond between students and teachers, creating a cohesive community working towards common goals of respect, responsibility and safety.

Mrs. Andrea Riggenbach, AWHS Intervention Specialist, has been the main reason for the success of the PBIS program. She has been the source of continued support, coming up with budget friendly options like the parking spot and other class perks. Without her aid, the school environment and determination of students would be different. 

“I really believe that PBIS is an AWesome way to recognize students for being great kids and doing what they are supposed to do,” she said. 

The first student winner of the reserved space, AWHS Senior Claire Hinton was ecstatic to find out she had won the spot. Claire was able to become the first person to obtain this spot through participating in spirit days and doing something kind for her teachers. Claire tries to save her tickets in case she wants something on the days that they offer snacks, but when she heard that she could get a parking space, she started trying to earn more.

The success of the parking spot project and the PBIS program as a whole at AWHS serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of recognizing and rewarding positive behavior. The new incentive also shines a light on the creative ways building administrators and program leaders are expanding and evolving the program to improve school culture.

Claire Hinton,
AWHS Senior


erin moloneyMiss Erin Moloney,
AWHS Intervention Specialist

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