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General Knowledge: Fostering Mealtime Independence

Opening a milk carton can be difficult from time to time, or a stubborn banana just won’t peel. It happens to all of us. But school staff are seeing an increase in the number of students who are asking for help in the cafeteria.

“We are finding that many children are struggling to complete mealtime tasks like opening juice boxes and spreading toppings,” said Megan Menchaca, AWLS Food Service Director.

You can help by encouraging your child to practice opening cheese sticks, fruit cups and water bottles, cutting their own food and spreading toppings on bagels during meal and snack times at home. 

There are also many other fun and easy activities that kids can do help build the strength, motor skills and perseverance to be more independent. 

Click to read this issue of General Knowledge to help foster your child's mealtime independence

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