Tammy Tapley, 
Director of Transportation

Bus Assignments

Students living in the district who are eligible for transportation are assigned to a bus and bus stop location based on their home address at the start of each school year.  If your student drives, or if you do not need bus service for any reason, please notify the Transportation Office as soon as possible so we may remove unnecessary stops from the bus route and assign another student to that seat on the bus.   If your child is not going to ride the bus, their status will be changed to “parent transport” in our system; that status will remain in place until a change is requested.

Alternate Transportation

If you are requesting to have your child’s bus stop assignment changed to an address other than your residence, such as a babysitter, you must complete an alternate transportation form.   You can access our online submission form through the Transportation page on our school website:  Students may not have more than one alternate.

Effective August 2017:  If you wish to have your child leave school in a bus or van owned by a childcare facility, you must complete an online alternate transportation form giving us permission to release your child to their driver or representative.  This arrangement is an alternative to using AW bus service and therefore documentation is required for the safety of our students.

Once the change has been made, the new bus information will be sent to the building office, and sent home with your child.  Changes are processed as quickly as possible; however, it can take up to 3 school days.

Alternates on file during a school year will expire at the end of that year.  

*New forms are required at the start of every school year, even if the arrangements do not change.

Bus Rules

  • The bus rules included at the end of this document are posted in the front of each bus.  Many of these rules are also laws in Ohio; they exist and are enforced to promote safety.

  • Bus Drivers review the rules daily at the start of each school year, and as needed throughout the year.  

Student Conduct

Students must observe classroom conduct. All school rules apply on the bus. Obey the driver promptly and respectfully. (Ohio Law 3301.83.08)

Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.  Students who do not follow the bus safety rules could lose riding privileges, so please stress to your child the importance of following their bus driver’s directions

Assigned Seats

Our bus drivers will assign your child a seat on the bus.

Seats are normally assigned after the first two weeks of a new school year.

Seat assignments are made strictly at the driver’s discretion and with the purpose of providing a safe and orderly bus ride for everyone on the bus.

Please keep in mind that requests to change seats will impact more than just your child’s seat and may not be honored

Designated Place of Safety (DPS)

Our bus drivers strictly enforce Ohio Administrative Code 3301-83-13, which states:

(iv) students are to gather at a “designated place of safety” where they must remain until the bus leaves the stop.  Only after counting students may the driver begin to leave the bus stop.  After the bus leaves the stop location, the students may continue to their residence.

Bus Stops

A large percentage of our bus stops are group or corner stops.  Every effort is made to assign students to the bus stop nearest their residence.  We strongly encourage parents to be present at bus stops; however, it is not something we require for students to be dropped off.  

*AM Kindergarten & PS students are required to have an adult visible when they exit the bus after school.   

Students must be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus’s estimated arrival time.  Drivers are required to count students as they approach the bus stop, so students MUST be at their DPS where they can be seen and counted.  Students are not permitted to go to another bus stop if they miss the bus at their assigned stop.  Anytime students approach a bus from an unexpected location it’s not safe, and, therefore is not allowed.

Upon exiting the bus, students must go directly to their DPS.  Once the students are counted, the bus will leave the stop.  If you are waiting for your child at the bus stop, please do not call them to where you are.  Students are taught to go directly to their DPS and it’s very confusing for them to be called away from that location.  The DPS exists for their safety and we need to be consistent with directions in order for it to work properly.  Please make sure your child knows how to get to and from your residence to the DPS in the event they have to walk alone.  How the students get to and from their residence to the DPS is a parental decision.

You should expect your child to arrive any time after the dismissal time.

New Students

Once the enrollment process is completed, the enrollment coordinator will forward the student’s information to the Transportation Office for routing.  The student’s  bus information will be sent to the building office, sent home with your child and mailed to your home address.  New students are processed as quickly as possible; however, it can take up to 3 days and could be longer within the first 2 weeks of school.

If You Move to a New Home Address

If you move to a new place of residence, you will need to notify the Central Administrative Office immediately.  You will be asked to provide new proof of residency such as a lease, purchase agreement or a utility bill.  The Transportation Office will make the appropriate transportation changes as quickly as possible.  

Picking Up / Dropping Off Your Child at School

          Grades K-4 cannot enter the school until 8:30am, dismissal is 3:30pm
          Grades 5-12 cannot enter the school until 7:30am, dismissal is 2:35pm

If You Plan to Pick Up or Drop Off an Elementary Student

Every Day:

If you plan to drop off or pick up your child from school every day, please complete an Alternate Transportation Form  indicating that your child does not require AM and/or PM bus service.  Your child will be removed from the bus list and it will not be necessary to send a note to the school.  If you plan to provide transportation more often than not, please send a note,  this is the safest plan to follow because it is the only way to ensure your child isn’t sent home on the bus when you aren’t expecting them to do so.   If you do not send a note, your child will continue to appear on the bus list and there are circumstances in which they could be placed on the bus when you are not expecting them to ride.


If you plan to pick up your child from school on a specific day, please send a note to school with your child and be sure they know to give the note to their teacher as soon as they arrive at school.  At the time of dismissal, if we have not received a note or phone call, your child will be put on his/her assigned bus to go to their regularly assigned bus stop.  Phone calls must be received NO LATER than 2:00pm. The school secretary will write a green pass from the office to give to the driver.

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Office Hours:  5am - 5pm, school days
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Transportation Statistics - November 2015

Area 76 square miles
2015/16 Total Mileage/Day 3,674 miles
Public Student Riders 2,397
Non-Public Student Riders 139
Public Student Routes 37
Non-Public/Penta Student Routes 9
Special Education Student Routes 2
Number of Buses 52
Number of Drivers 42
Number of Mechanics 3
Number of Support/Office Staff 3