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Substitute Employees

Thank You for Serving as a Substitute Employee

We appreciate the dedicated substitute school employees who play an essential role in empowering our students to be future ready.

Your willingness to step in to ensure a consistent learning environment in the absence of our regular staff, is commendable. Your adaptability and enthusiasm, along with your ability to engage with students and deliver quality education is a testament to your professionalism and passion for nurturing young minds. 

Thank you for being a crucial part of our school community and for your dedication to supporting a positive and productive experience for our students.


Substitute Teacher Manual

We want every substitute employee to feel well prepared and welcome each time they serve within our schools. The Substitute Teacher Manual provides an overview of our District, arrival and departure procedures, an outline of your duties and other helpful information.

If you have specific questions about your responsibilities, building operations or classroom expectations, please feel free to talk with the building principal. 


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