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About Whitehouse Primary

Welcome to Whitehouse Primary School

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The staff at Whitehouse Primary strives to help each of our families and students feel welcome, safe and valued. We focus on communicating positively, effectively and proactively with our families in a variety of ways to meet the individual needs of our students. We also work very hard to create a safe environment for all who come to our building.  

Whitehouse Primary has many outstanding academic opportunities to offer our students. We have a highly skilled teaching staff that does a first-rate job teaching state standards in an effective way. We have a comprehensive MTSS program to identify at-risk learners and provide them the targeted support they need. We have a highly trained intervention staff to assist students who are struggling to reach grade level expectations.

Whitehouse has a gifted program beginning in third grade to meet the needs of our highest functioning students and we have teachers who are willing to differentiate to meet the needs of every student in every room. We have special area teachers that engage students actively and provide students a well-rounded education that includes the arts.  

We have a high-level of technology in our building with interactive teaching devices in every room. We have a device for each student  and we allow our students to experience work with technology on a regular basis.

Our Whitehouse Parent Club has an annual budget of well over $20,000.00 which is used over the year on our students and staff. Our WPC provides movie nights, a carnival, a 5K event, assemblies, Secret Santa, Dine Out Nights and other family events, for our Whitehouse Learning Community.


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Whitehouse Primary School
6510 Texas Street
Whitehouse, OH  43571

Phone: 419-877-0543
Fax: 419-877-4905

Brad Rhodes

Michelle Dammeier
Dean of Students

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