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About Monclova Primary

Welcome to Monclova Primary School


At Monclova Primary School, first and foremost, we strive to create a safe, friendly, environment with experiences that will serve students well throughout their education and into the future.  With a staff the size of Monclova's there are many different areas of expertise and the common denominator is that all staff members care deeply about their students.  From the time students get off the bus they are greeted with warm smiles. 

In order to make learning enjoyable, teachers plan child-centered lessons with hand-on activities, exciting discoveries, and the opportunity to incorporate technology as students master the content standards.  We offer age-appropriate instruction, research-based intervention, and we strive to keep our highest achieving students appropriately challenged. There is also a full-time nurse and counselor available to assist parents and students.  Not only does Monclova have a well-educated staff knowledgeable in content and child development, we offer more.  For example, we have fun-filled art classes that go beyond paper and pencil, including ceramics and glass.  There is a musical performance for students at every grade level and our Field Day in the Spring is a favorite among students.  Lastly, a successful character program led by the school's counselor is a part of the educational experience for all students.  All in all, the success can be seen on the faces of the students, in the compliments received from parents, and the state consistently recognizes Monclova Primary as Excellent.

By design, the Monclova Primary building also has its appeal.  All classrooms have features such as interactive whiteboards, sinks, and drinking fountains.  The kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms even have restrooms within so the youngest students do not need to leave their classrooms for breaks.  In addition, the building has computer labs and mobile computer labs containing laptop computers that can be used in any classroom.  Use of computers begins in kindergarten.  The district's commitment to embracing technology and the 21st century skills associated is evident throughout the building.  The building also has a nice playground that has been expanded and updated overtime.  Finally, Monclova also boasts a Community Room used for lunches, musical performances, assemblies, etc.  Its a nice building and very conducive to learning.

The families in the Monclova area so supportive and generous!  The parent organization, M.A.P.S., plans and funds many extras that enhance the educational experience for Monclova students.  From providing field trips and assemblies, to volunteering to read with students, parents make a difference for students on a daily basis.  Communication with home is also very important.  The building issues The Minuteman Newsletter bi-weekly, teachers issue newsletters, and we communicate electronically as well.  Moreover, Anthony Wayne Local Schools utilizes Facebook and Twitter to communicate with parents and our community members.  Monclova parents are an invaluable resource to the school and are respected as such.  We work together to help ensure success for every student.


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Monclova Primary School
8035 Monclova Road
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