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The Anthony Wayne Local School district and its high school athletic department often receive questions regarding the difference between Anthony Wayne High School varsity sports and club sports that use the name of “Anthony Wayne.” Since the name “Anthony Wayne” is not patented, the school district allows clubs to use the name “Anthony Wayne” as do several other community athletic groups.

There are definitely differences between AWHS varsity sports and “club” sports; however, the two most distinct differences are funding and NLL (Northern Lakes League) and OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) recognition and adoption.

Club sports do not receive any funding from the Anthony Wayne Local Schools Board of Education and/or the AWHS athletic department. Approved/adopted Anthony Wayne varsity sports receive full or partial funding from the Board of Education and/or athletic department. The Board of Education typically pays for the coaching salaries and transportation costs for each approved sport. All other expenses such as: uniforms, equipment, event workers, entry fees, and official’s costs, are paid for through athletic department revenue. Athletic department revenue is generated from event gate receipts, season pass sales, concessions sales, fundraising, booster club donations, and individual donations. In recent years, athletic department revenue has also been used to supplement transportation costs.

All Anthony Wayne High School varsity sports have been adopted and are currently recognized by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. This means that there are rules and regulations for each of these sports that must be followed by all OHSAA member schools. The OHSAA also sponsors state tournaments for all adopted and recognized sports. All AWHS varsity sports have also been adopted and are currently recognized, with the exception of Ice Hockey, by the Northern Lakes League. However, Anthony Wayne, like several area hockey teams are members of the Northwest Hockey Conference. Only one current club sport, gymnastics, is recognized by both the OHSAA and the NLL. Currently, all remaining club sports are not recognized by either the OHSAA or the NLL. The only current AWHS sport not recognized by the OHSAA and the NLL is cheerleading and dance. The annual state cheerleading competition is hosted by the OASSA (Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators).

The Anthony Wayne Board of Education and high school athletic department offer a wide range of athletic programs. However, many students are interested in other types of sports. While the Board and athletic department recognize that these activities are beneficial to their participants, they are simply not able to support them all. If you have further questions concerning club or varsity sports, please call John Snyder, high school athletic director, at 419-877-0927.
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